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Ocean Television is an independent production company that designs, develops and creates original content for television and digital media. We deal responsibly with social, environmental or cultural issues. Many of these contents have been distributed worldwide.

Its strength lies both in the richness and diversity of the subjects it addresses, as well as in its innovative visual approach.

We have a solid experience in international production and are associated with a multidisciplinary creative team that allows us to combine production efficiency and the media strategy of our business partners.

We have a catalog of more than 600 documentary products, outdoors, leisure, adventure and lifestyle magazines.


Ocean Television is also turnkey content for our broadcasting partners. We hold free of rights:

  • Hundreds of video capsules ready to be broadcast;

  • 500 hours of high quality video material shot in Quebec, Canada and in more than 50 countries;

  • 10,000 royalty free archive photos;

  • Libraries of various music;

  • Custom design of shows in various formats;

  • State-of-the-art production services.

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